We now have the vest thank God to the Sheppard Family

Our pulmonologist suggested that the only way we can move forward in obtaining a vest for Gavin (a vest which will help with loosening all the gunk in Gavin’s respiratory system) was to do a CT Scan which involves unnecessary sedation. Ferd and I have been so hesitant to put Gavin through sedation as we are not sure of the side effects on kids with TSD (Neither does most doctors). In the midst of this distress battling whether we should do the ct scan or not, we were luckily blessed by Gary and Elizabeth Sheppard from Ontario, Canada who has heard about our situation and has graciously donated their late son’s vest, Noah Sheppard who past away from Sandoff’s Disease in September of 2009. We wanted to also thank the Roman Family of Connecticut for connecting us to the Sheppard family.

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