It is amazing what children can endure.
 As I read your story I couldn’t help but feel sad for Gavin and for the family. Yet, I also felt inspired by your perseverance and dedication. Through your faith and love you certainly prove that there is HOPE for Gavin.
I will pray that God grant Gavin with His healing mercies and that God grant Jan and Ferd with continued physical, emotional, and spiritual strength to overcome this challenge. My family and I send our love and prayers out to all of you….God Bless!

- Jackie Ong-Narcis

Keep fighting little man, for no matter what under any circumstance the lord is always with you and lives inside of you forever. May God Bless you and your family

- Matt R.

I am heart broken for Gavin and for your family as you go on the difficult journey. I believe in a God who is merciful and good, One who heals the sick and parts the sea for His children. It must also give you great comfort knowing this. Gavins name is read every week in our synagogue. I have spoken his name in my prayers and will continue to hope for him. I am thinking of you all and will visit when Gavin is home and you are able to have compnay. Name a time and I can be there! Tell me how I can help, as a SAHM I am able to rearrange my schedule. Shalom.

- Shannon Love

It was nice seing him today it was really a blessing to see him and he looks good and I will be praying for you all. There is always HOPE and always remember that GOD is always in CONTROL. God be with you!!!

- Because of Christ Love, Auntie Gemma < Phillippians 4:13 (oct.8.2009)

Jan and Ferd, are true heroes themselves and doing everything they can to raise awareness, funds and hope for Gavin and all kids suffering from this incredibly rare yet devastating disease.

- Alyssa

I was happy to see Gavin earlier today, and that he gained weight. Keep your faith alive. You will always be in my prayers. Stay strong and keep believing.

- Gina

Hey Bong & Janelle, sending love and prayers your way for Gavin

- Phoebe H.

Our family continues to pray endlessly for Gavin and we hope that we find a cure for TSD soon…may God bless you Gavin!

- the Ong Family