Mothers that Wear Many Hats

I hope you all had a wonderful Mother’s Day, but Mother’s Day should be celebrated everyday! Truly, we as mothers of child(ren) with TSD wear lots of hats too and most of it came overnight: Wife -keeping the family together ; Doctor -making medical decisions for our child(ren); Nurse -giving our child(ren) meds, making him or her comfortable and administering all medical equipment; Lawyer -constantly advocating for our child’s best interest; Teacher - reading books, reciting ABC’s and singing songs to our child(ren) to make him or her smile; Researcher- staying up all night (at least in the beginning) researching online and through other specialists and resources about our child(ren)’s disease and unconventional ways to help him or her; Driver -driving our child to all doctor appointments, holistic appointments and therapy appointments and pretty much everywhere that will help keep him or her comfortable and relaxed; Author/Writer - writing and blogging about our child(ren) and our journey either through a book or online; Diaper changer -changing our child(ren)’s diapers and still smiling; Physical and Occupational therapists - practicing therapies that our PT and OT taught us so that we can do them at home; Psychologist/Marriage and Family Counselor -listening and giving others who are in our bubble or within our family- comfort and advice during stressful, emotional, and tragic times; Professional - we still have to work our own careers because those bills still keep coming; Fundraiser/Awareness Spreader -organizing fundraisers and events to help raise money for our child(ren)’s disease and to help spread awareness; Friend- being there for our girlfriends even if it is to listen to nonsense or petty stuff compared to what we are going through; Inspiration/Preacher and Child of God - inspiring others to live in the moment and to love their child(ren) unconditionally and reminding everyone to please pray and to continue to have faith regardless of the trials. The list can go on and on, but truly we are women made of steel, women who are forced to use strength because there is no other choice, and women who continue to spread hope and inspiration. The next time you are contemplating a day off, read this list and go for it, even for a short moment. Happy Mother’s Day!
-Jan Marquez (Gavin and Audrey’s Mom)

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