Gavin turns “7″

It has indeed been a long time since I have updated Gavin’s blog. Roughly 2 months ago, we had a wonderful birthday celebration week for Gavin. The weekend prior to his birthday started off with a magical experience at Disneyland with the whole family including my parents, my sister and precious niece, “Mila” and my cousin Alexandra who recently moved to SD from Guam. Despite the typical chaos in Disneyland, Gavin and our family had a great time. On Gavin’s actual birthday on 11/13/12, we all headed to his classroom for a cupcake celebration filled with songs and good cheer. All of Gavin’s nurses along with his Godmother Len and family friend-”Auntie Michelle” with her daughter, Baby Ari also joined in on the fun. The principal was also kind enough to drop by. His teacher, Ms.  Meredith, who is a wonderful gifted singer, really made Gavin’s birthday special. Gavin’s birthday was truly a beautiful and memorable moment!

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  1. Ms. Meredith
    1 year ago

    Gavin and family,
    I was honored to celebrate Gavin’s 7th birthday with song. He is special to all of us in B11 and we are blessed to have him in the classroom. :)