Gavin @ the ER on 4/21/10

I took Gavin to the ER on Wednesday, April 21, 2010 as his congestions were out of control. That day, when I picked him up at day care, I could tell he was having a bit of a hard time breathing comfortably as his chest just sounded so gurgly. We have been using the suction machine to help suction out all of the secretion, but we needed something more powerful to get the “gunk” out of his chest. Prior to the ER visit, Ferd and I have been doing CPT (Chest Physical Therapy) on Gavin to help loosen all the gunk in his chest and suctioning, but still his congestions did not get any better. On the day I took Gavin to the ER, Ferd was in Portland for work so it was a bit challenging, but thankfully my sister watched Audrey Bella that day. I was impressed with the service and attention that Gavin received in the ER at Kaiser Medical Center. Gavin was given a respiratory treatment using albuterol and major CPT by the respiratory therapist. Gavin was also given a urine analysis and CK test to determine if he had any signs of muscle deterioration and they all came out normal which is great! After leaving the ER at 2am the next morning, Gavin was sleeping like a baby as his chest was all cleared up. We will be seeing a pulmonologist on Monday to see if we can get a Cough Assist Machine/ Vest that will aid Gavin and ensure healthy lungs and a respiratory system. Thank you to all who continue praying and thinking about Gavin. I’ll post more updates about our Florida trip to the Tay Sachs Disease conference (part 2) shortly.

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  1. eric fier
    3 years ago

    Hey guys-
    I so hope that your little man is feeling better now. It was wonderful to meet your beautiful family in Florida. Holding Gavin with Rachaeli was an extra special treat! Rachaeli is still talking about her dude, Gavin…
    Love always-