Gavin Loves His Nurses

Because of Gavin’s critical disability, we were eligible for nursing assistance. Since June, we have had a flow of different nurses come to our home to help care for Gavin and they have all been wonderful. It was very important, however, to Ferd and I to have a stable nurse. Luckily, we were blessed with Rhea in August who is Gavin’s permanent nurse. She has been great with him all throughout and ironically, she is also originally from Guam, where Ferd and I are from. Rhea takes special care of Gavin after school until his last feeding. It has truly been a life saver having a nurse. Taking care of Gavin and Audrey Bella both can be so tough and exhausting at times especially when Ferd is out of town for work. Now that we have Rhea, I’m able to do the most basic things such as cook dinner and take a shower before midnight. During my 2 days off from work, she accompanies us during Gavin’s doctor, therapy, and faith healing appointments. Not only does Rhea, as Gavin’s nurse help bring sanity to our family and allows us to also focus on Audrey Bella, but having the help also allows us to do more for Gavin in terms of spending time doing research and getting involved with fundraisers. Gavin also has a nurse at school by the name of Chris and she too is wonderful. She meets him at our house every morning and rides with him in the bus to and from school. Gavin has reached a point where he needs constant supervision as he always needs to be suctioned or needs to be soothed when experiencing a seizure. We thank God most of all as he has brought so many special people in our lives to help make a difference with Gavin.

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  1. Cathy Florendo Lang
    1 month ago


    I love how you are able to cope with the issue of Gavin being critically ill. Please know that he is always in our thoughts and prayers. I am glad that you are able to use this situation as an opportunity for growth rather than a negative aspect to life. You and Ferd have grown stronger as a family, and I hope the best for you all. Love and miss you guys.



  2. Paz Mraquez Fabila
    2 weeks ago

    Jan and Ferd, just be strong and always remember my prayers and thoughts is always with Gavin and the family. I love you guys..