Miles of Madness for TSD Awareness

My story isn’t as spectacular as many of my super triathlete friends.  I’m an ordinary working guy trying to challenge my athletic abilities (or being nuts) but most importantly wanting to make a difference in someones life. I will be running a series of races: 25K trail races, marathons, an Ultra Marathon, and eventually, a triathlon.  I’ve joined a few triathlon clubs to help me train for my races and volunteer on their various causes during my free time.  However,none of those races compare to the battle that a little boy named Gavin is facing right now.

I was deeply moved after talking to Gavin’s mom Jan.  Their bravery and love for Gavin is what gives him the courage to keep going and to never lose hope.

Many of us are stuck with our busy work schedules and personal lives, including myself, that we lose track of reality. Inspired by his perseverance, we’re going all out to help find a cure.

Like many of us, I’m your ordinary (sort of) airliner who got a pair of running shoes and started joining a bunch of races.  With a big push from my girlfriend Lalaine, I joined LATri Club and Fil-Am Tri (FAT) to push my limits and abilities.  They are a bunch of amazing athletes, both by their feats but mainly their contributions to many non-profits.)

It’s our turn to make a difference.  I’ve joined Hope For Gavin to help find the cure and spread awareness of Tay-Sach’s disease.

Tay-Sachs is a rare hereditary disease caused by a genetic mutation that leaves the body unable to produce an enzyme (known as Hex-A) necessary for fat metabolism in nerve cells. Without this enzyme, central nervous system degeneration ensues.

Join me and Hope for Gavin as I race through the San Francisco Marathon, Malibu Creek Ultra Trail Run, The Chicago Marathon, Bike the Coast San Diego 2012 , and the Northface Gortex 50 mile Ultra Marathon San Francisco by the end of this 2012.  Please help my fundraising page. I will match your generous donation with mileage and gratification.

Let’s all join Jan and Ferd in their journey to save their son, to embrace hope, and to ultimately find the cure to Tay-Sachs disease.  With everyones thoughts, prayers, contributions, and fate, Gavin will win this race.  On behalf of Jan, Ferd, Audrey, and Gavin, who will soon be cured and become a triathlete,  I thank you.


Gavin’s Donation Page:

My Race Events:
SF Marathon, San Francisco CA                                    July 29,2012
Bulldog Ultra Trail Run, Calabasas, CA                     August 25,2012 index.asp
The Chicago Marathon                                                      October 7, 2012
The Northface Endurance Challenge, San Francisco CA   December 1, 2012