Miles of Madness for TSD Awareness: Year 2

Dear Friends,

A year ago, I started “ Miles of Madness for TSD awareness ,” where I matched your generous donations with mileage and gratification (1 mile per $1 donation) to help raise awareness and find a cure for Tay-Sachs disease. Inspired by your generosity and Gavin’s courage, I was able to finish a series of marathons, my first 50K ultra marathon, and a 50-mile bike ride. This year, I pledged to go for more.

Today, Gavin continues to battle this rare disease, which day by day takes a toll on his cognitive and motor function.  There is no known cure or treatment, and research is underfunded.  Once again, I am pledging to match your contributions with miles in running, biking, or swimming.  Your donation is one step closer to funding research and finding a cure for this fatal disease.

I will match your generous donation with mileage and gratification.

Let’s all join Jan and Ferd in their journey to save their son, to embrace hope, and to ultimately find the cure to Tay-Sachs disease.  With everyones thoughts, prayers, contributions, and fate, Gavin will win this race.  On behalf of Jan, Ferd, Audrey, and Gavin, who will soon be cured and become a triathlete,  I thank you.


Please join me as I represent Team Gavin in the following events:


August 3 – Giants Race 1/2 Marathon  – San Francisco, CA

September 7 – Nautica Malibu International Triathlon (Olympic Distance) – Malibu, CA

September 29 – Super Frog Triathlon (70.3) – Coronado, CA

October 13 – Herbalife LA Triathlon – Venice Beach, CA

October 20 – Nike Women’s Marathon – San Francisco, CA

November 2 – New York Marathon – New York, NY


January 11 – Avalon 50mi Ultra Marathon – Catalina Island, CA

March 2 – Ironman California (70.3) – Oceanside, CA

Together, we will race toward a cure to help Gavin and other children affected by this disease. With every stroke, pedal, stride, and breath, we will not give up.  We will win!