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Published: 2021-06-29 02:11:30
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Today we have many different types of Dance: hip-hop, jazz, Irish dance, Ballet, and many more. During the Renaissance time period witch is from the 1300s to the 1600s, they had different types of Dance too Most dances were very similar, and the music during this time had a lot to do with the Dance too. The two main types of dance during the Renaissance were Court dance, and Peasant dancing. Court dances were done for entertainment and more complex, the courtiers would hire dance masters to come up with some new dances.
Peasant dancing was usually not for entertainment but just for the fun of dancing! These dances danced by the peasants were called Simple dances, were with lots of people and usually done in a circle or two lines. There are different types of dances came form Italy, France and England. There were different styles in different places; in Italy they had the Basse witch is a dance were the dancers stay low to the ground with no jumps and leaps. There are two main types of Basse, which are La Spagna and Reale. Another Italian Dance is the Balli; witch is more active and expressive.
There were jumps and leaps in this dance and the most popular jumps were high in the air. It was more complicated and included steps from Bassadance, Salatarello, and the Piva. There were many tempo changes too. Then there are dances from England like the canary dance witch is one of the most complex dances. It originated in Spain. It is a native dance from the Canary Islands. The dance is usually done with couples and it is danced in a fast triple time. Another dance form England is the Allemande; witch shows the widest variation in their descriptions. Steps are basic and unique.
It is a line dance, danced by many couples with the ladies standing to the right of the man in this type of dance. It is a dance done in double time. It usually has a forward movement. The steps consist of a series of double steps and one pair of single steps. Last but not least are the dances from France like the Branle, the word Branle comes from the French word Branler that means to swing side to side. They called it this because many of the steps go from side to side. This is one of the first dances that are taught because the steps are simple and easy. It is danced in 4/4 time.
The Branle is usually danced in groups in the form of a circle or chain where the dancers hold hands and move together in a sideways motion. I have two other types of Dances, but I was not able to find out were they were from they were the Pave; witch is a well know dance. It is danced in 2/2 time. It consists of two simple steps and one double step forward and then two simple steps and one double step backward. It was a professional dance where the dancers walked in pairs with the lady on the right of the man. The other on is the Galliard witch is a solo dance that is very complex.
It is full of variations of fast steps and high jumps. This can also be danced in couples using a series of sideway steps, turns and hops. It is a triple meter and a lively dance. P The most important part of all these dances was the footwork, because a lot of the people had bulky clothing on the upper part of the body so they could not move there upper part of there body as much. As I was watching some videos of Renaissance Dance I was able to notice it is very much like Irish Dancing, a lot of footwork and arms to the side. The only difference is some of the dances have a lot of jumps and leaps in the air.
Dancing was widespread. Church officials suspected it. The negative views of the church prompted the non= body contact and formality of the form of dances practice at court. When the Renaissance came about it brought a new attitude towards the Body, the arts and dance. The courts of Italy and France became the center of new development in dance providing support for dance masters so they could create new dances for the courtiers. Dance was being developed in the Courts of Italy and France because the courtiers would pay dance masters to create dances for their celebrations and festivals.
In the court of Catherine De Medici (1519-89) the first forms of Ballet were created by a Dance Master named Balthazar De Beauhoyleux. The dances told a story with a group of dancers in costumes. Later, King Louis XIV established the first Academie Royale de Dance. In the courts the couple dances of The Minuet and the Waltz began to show the freedom and expression of the Renascence times. In addition to the formal dances in the courts, the Renaissance saw an increase in country dancing outside of the fancy dances of the courts.

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