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Optimism to me is the belief that good things will prevail over bad things.
I would describe an optimistic person as someone who has faith. Someone who has a great deal of confidence. Someone who believes that the right thing will always happen and always looks at the bright side of things. I think that everyone has a little optimism in them. Here is an example of optimism. A few weeks ago I was watching a football game, the team I was going for were the underdogs in the game.
I had faith in that team. I was optimistic during the whole game and they ended up winning. The word optimism itself to me would mean hope. In Dr. Martin Luther King JRs I have a Dream speech, he spoke of hope for our country.
He was optimistic. Lots of other famous people have been very optimistic in their words. Take Christopher Columbus for instants. He once said, It is a pleasure to gaze upon this place because it is all so green If he would not have been optimistic about the land, who knows where our country would be today. When I think of optimism, I think of the color yellow. This is because yellow is a bright color and that reminds me of looking on the bright side of things.
I think optimism is a very good quality for someone to have. I would rather be a friend with an optimistic person than a pessimistic person because pessimistic people are normally very distrustful and negative about things. I think that pessimistic people can be optimistic if they try. They just have to realize that things are not always going to turn out bad. My advice to a pessimistic person who wants to become more optimistic is to be more cheerful, hopeful, enthusiastic, and joyful. The first step to be optimistic is to have confidence in you.
If you have confidence in yourself, you can set your goals higher than before. The second step to become optimistic is to have confidence in others. If you encourage people, they will like you as a friend more. If you are an athlete, it is good to be an optimist.
Your teammates will respect you more if you are. Even if your team is losing, you should have faith in them. I think people who are optimistic have more opportunities in life. They are not afraid of failure. An optimistic person will go out and give it their best shot instead of saying to themselves that they cant do it.
Optimistic people usually convince themselves that they can do anything. Here is an example of someone that would not give up and went for his goals. A number of years ago, two brothers had a job at their school. Their job was to light the stoves in the school every morning with firewood. One morning something went wrong and there was a big explosion.
The older brother died in the accident and the younger brothers legs were severely burned. The doctors first choice was to amputate the boys legs, but the boys parents insisted that the doctor wrap the boys legs up for a few months and see if they would heal. The parents assured the boy that someday he would walk again. A few months went by and the bandages were finally removed. The doctor discovered that one leg was almost three inches shorter than the other leg.
The doctor assumed that the boy would never be able to walk again. But the boy would not give up. He kept on trying to walk even though it caused him great pain. Finally, the boy walked. By the time he was a young man, he walked almost normally. Then, he set his goals higher.
He wanted to run. He exercised every day and finally he could run. He ran every day until he broke a world record in the mile run. He was then named athlete of the century.
The boys parents showed optimism by hoping the legs would heal and the by telling the boy that he would be able to walk again. The man was also optimistic by achieving goals that nobody .

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