Bowl for Hope: Team Gavin was a huge SUCCESS!!!

I cannot stress enough how grateful we are for our wonderful friends and family for putting together such an amazing family fundraiser for Gavin. The Bowl for Hope: Team Gavin event held at the Mira Mesa Bowl on Nov. 20, 2010 was indeed a success! We were able to raise a lot of money for future treatments for Gavin and the Cure Tay Sachs Foundation and hopefully give many strangers a glimpse of our journey with Gavin and the devastation of Tay Sachs Disease. Despite the rain on a Saturday evening, the turnout was fantastic. The line of people by the entrance was overwhelming and my sister Joyce, Matt, and Vera along with Art’s mom Myrna were working round the clock to make sure everyone was accounted for as they purchased entrance tickets for the fundraiser. Rhea, our nurse was behind the Tay Sachs awareness table and Nancy and Jay were manning the table for Hope for Gavin merchandises. Despite the busy traffic at the bowling alley, everything went so smoothly. So many new and familiar faces were everywhere at the fundraiser. Patrick as always continues to do a wonderful job photographing the event and Don and Art were fantastic emcees. My dearest friend Len decorated the bowling alley with beautiful mylar balloons. Our friends, Heather, Mary, Ken, Izumi and Sami also pitched in to help wherever possible. It was also cute to see our friends’ children Tierra, Gia, and Isabella passing out Tay Sachs brochures and telling everyone to sign Gavin’s poster. Still I cannot stress enough that this event would not be possible if it were not for our friend, Ernie who came up with the idea and was the liaison with the bowling alley and our dear friend, Michelle, who has put a lot of time, energy, effort and passion into organizing and marketing this amazing event as well as coordinating the team. Thank you so much Team Gavin!!! This event would not be possible without you all! Though Gavin would have loved to be at the fundraiser, he was at the hospital recovering from his emergency surgery that night. As we continue to organize fundraisers and spread awareness for Tay Sachs Disease, the hope for a CURE for Gavin and all kids suffering this punishing disease is truly around the corner.

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