How you can help?

You can also make a donation directly to Gavin Marquez using PayPal Donate button below, but please keep in mind that this option is not tax-deductible at the moment.

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Donate to Tay Sachs Organization

Gavin's family is truly grateful from the bottom of their hearts for any charitable help that you can offer. There will be vast medical expenses for experimental treatment for Gavin that will not be covered by their insurance.

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Words of Thanks

Thank you to those who made it to his event or donated. It was a HUGE success. Glad to know he has touched the lives of so many generous people!

- Joyce Ponce Ibarra

Words of HOPE

Thank God for the sheep! They have finally started trials for Gene Therapy on sheep afflicted with Tay Sachs Disease thanks to a wonderful farmer in Texas who discovered that his sheep has Tay Sachs. The road to a cure is getting closer if all goes well. Please keep on praying for Gavin and all the little ones who continue to fight this devastating disease.

- Jannelle Marquez