How you can help?

You can also make a donation directly to Gavin Marquez using PayPal Donate button below, but please keep in mind that this option is not tax-deductible at the moment.

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Donate to Tay Sachs Organization

Gavin's family is truly grateful from the bottom of their hearts for any charitable help that you can offer. There will be vast medical expenses for experimental treatment for Gavin that will not be covered by their insurance.

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Words of Thanks

This fundraising event was a true testimony of the community gathering together united for Gavin and united for a cause.

- Jan and Ferd Marquez

Words of HOPE

Today we declare Gavin is a child of the utmost high and the devil has no authority over his body. In Jesus’ name we loose this little one from sickness and disease. Father, we stand on your word and declare no weapon formed against Gavin shall prosper. The name of Jesus is above every name including Tay Sachs Disease. So because we know that you have heard us, and that we have whatever we ask in your name, Father, we give you the praise and the glory in advance, in Jesus’ mighty name. God Bless,

- Orlando & Beth Javien